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Dressing Your New Figure after Body Contouring Surgery

One of the most exciting outcomes of body contouring surgery is that your wardrobe options expand exponentially. Clothes you wouldn’t have dared to wear before surgery — like skinny jeans, sleeveless tops or a slick suit — suddenly become tempting. If you’re curious about how to dress your new figure after body contouring surgery, try… click to continue reading

Breast Implant Options

If you have decided to pursue breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Sugene Kim, congratulations! This amazing procedure can restore your sense of femininity and self-confidence. That being said, undergoing breast enhancement surgery is a serious undertaking that involves making several choices along the way. One of the most important decisions you will make is what… click to continue reading

Autumn Skin Care — What to Do After Summer?

Summer is coming to an end, and autumn is near. As the seasons change, you are probably adjusting your wardrobe choices: choosing to wear pants instead of shorts and sweaters instead of short-sleeved shirts. You may not realize it, but you should also adjust your summer skin care routine to meet the demands of the… click to continue reading

Facial Rejuvenation: Your Surgical and Nonsurgical Options

Are you bothered by facial wrinkles, deep facial creases, sagging skin throughout the face or displaced facial fat? Do you desire a more rejuvenated facial appearance? If so, you might benefit from undergoing facelift surgery or a nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedure with plastic surgeon Dr. Sugene Kim at SGK Plastic Surgery. Whether you require surgical… click to continue reading

Post-Bariatric Procedures

Often, individuals who have lost a major amount of weight, either through making healthier lifestyle choices or with the help of bariatric surgery, are disappointed to find that they still do not have the ideal figure they desire — and deserve. Dr. Sugene Kim is proud to help patients like these finally achieve the fitter… click to continue reading

Most Popular Summertime Plastic Surgery Procedures

Now that summer is here, and you are trying on your bathing suit for the first time since last year, you may be realizing that you could use a little help improving certain aesthetic concerns. Perhaps you wish your breasts were more voluminous or your thighs were a bit more contoured. If this sounds familiar,… click to continue reading

Plastic Surgery With Short Downtimes for Summer

Summer has officially begun, and we are heading into the dog days of the warm summer months. However, that does not mean you have to put on hold your desire to undergo plastic surgery to correct a bothersome aesthetic concern. Instead, choose a cosmetic procedure that requires a short downtime, so you can be back… click to continue reading

Beauty Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Most people enjoy the warmer temperatures during summer. However, it’s hard to look like your usual gorgeous self when the weather starts to turn swelteringly hot, humid and sticky. To help you maintain a beautiful appearance during the warm-weather months — and use that summer glow to your advantage — Katy / Woodlands cosmetic surgeon… click to continue reading

How to Optimize Your Cosmetic Surgery Results

At SGK Plastic Surgery in Woodlands, we realize that undergoing cosmetic surgery was a significant undertaking. You invested your time, money and emotions in the process. Now that your procedure is complete, Woodlands / Katy plastic surgeon Sugene Kim, MD, wants to make sure that you enjoy your new look for years to come. To… click to continue reading