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Say “I Do” to Plastic Surgery with a Bridal Makeover

Are you preparing to tie the knot, and want to look your best on your big day? Cosmetic enhancement (via surgical or non-surgical means) can help you feel more confident and beautiful on your trip down the aisle. Cosmetic enhancement does require some planning, however. It’s important to visit a board certified plastic surgeon like… click to continue reading

Ways to Keep Your Eyes Looking Youthful

Studies have shown that when judging a person’s age, we immediately look to their eyes. Are you worried that undereye bags, wrinkles or other cosmetic imperfections around your eyes make you appear older than you really are? Dr. Sugene Kim of SGK Plastic Surgery (serving the Woodlands, Katy and surrounding areas) has a few beauty… click to continue reading

Most Common Mommy Makeover Combinations

Pregnancy and nursing are some of life’s most rewarding experiences; however, they can have a negative impact on the mother’s body. Some mothers feel embarrassed or self-conscious about the changes in their body, to the point where they avoid looking in mirrors or having their photos taken. Are you one of them? If you are… click to continue reading

Things You Should Never Do After Cosmetic Surgery

At SGK Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sugene Kim takes every precaution available to help minimize surgical risks and maximize your aesthetic results from surgery. On your end, you must also do your part to help ensure that you achieve your desired surgical outcome. Here, Dr. Kim discusses three things you should never do after cosmetic surgery…. click to continue reading

Study Shows Cosmetic Surgery Is as Safe for Older and Younger Adults

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular among adults over the age of 65. The reason for this rise in popularity might be that adults are living longer, healthier lives and would like their outward appearance to match their youthful energy. Whatever the case, this increased popularity of plastic surgery among older individuals raises the question:… click to continue reading

Motivational Ideas to Help You Stay Active

If you are one of the tens of thousands of individuals in the United States who vow to lose weight or get in better shape over the New Year, Dr. Sugene Kim is here to help. She offers the following motivational tips to help you stay active this year. Start Slowly If you are new… click to continue reading

Why Having Cosmetic Surgery in Winter Is a Smart Move

Often, individuals come into SGK Plastic Surgery during the warm summer months, seeking the plastic surgery expertise of Dr. Sugene Kim to help them look their best while lounging on the beach or by the pool. Although Dr. Kim is happy to help her patients any time of year, she would like to remind patients… click to continue reading

Celebrity Secrets to Aging Gracefully

Aging is unavoidable. No one has yet discovered the Fountain of Youth, but certain celebrities look like they have. Do you ever wonder how celebrities in their late 40s or even 60s manage to look like they have not aged a day? Here, Dr. Sugene Kim shares some of their secrets to aging gracefully. Care… click to continue reading

The History of Breast Augmentation

Have you ever wondered who invented breast implants or who the first patient to undergo breast augmentation surgery was? Here, Dr. Sugene Kim of SGK Plastic Surgery shares interesting information about the history of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States: breast augmentation surgery. Early Attempts at Breast Augmentation Even before the… click to continue reading

Dressing Your New Figure after Body Contouring Surgery

One of the most exciting outcomes of body contouring surgery is that your wardrobe options expand exponentially. Clothes you wouldn’t have dared to wear before surgery — like skinny jeans, sleeveless tops or a slick suit — suddenly become tempting. If you’re curious about how to dress your new figure after body contouring surgery, try… click to continue reading