Nipple Reconstruction

Nipple and areola reconstruction are often the final steps in completing a more natural breast appearance after a mastectomy. Mastectomy to remove breast cancer usually requires the breast surgeon to remove the tissue containing the natural nipple and areola. While the first step of both flap-based reconstruction and implant reconstruction concentrates on achieving a more normal breast shape and size, many women feel that reconstructing a natural-looking nipple areolar complex helps them feel more complete and feminine. Dr. Sugene Kim is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reconstructive surgery. SGK Plastic Surgery has helped clients from Spring, Conroe, The Woodlands and throughout Texas restore a natural appearance to their breasts with nipple and areola reconstruction. Contact us online  or call our practice today at 281-363-4546 to schedule your nipple and areola reconstruction consultation at SGK Plastic Surgery, conveniently located in The Woodlands near Grand Central Park.

Who Should Consider Nipple & Areola Reconstruction?

Nipple reconstruction is not a mandatory step in the breast reconstruction process. There are women who choose to not undergo this final stage of the breast restoration process. However, nipple reconstruction is generally encouraged for women who want to complete the breast restoration process; it also can help enhance a woman’s self-confidence and sense of femininity.

Nipple & Areola Reconstruction Techniques

Nipple and areola reconstruction process requires Dr. Kim to use small, local flaps of skin and fat from the breast mound to create a projecting nub. Dermal matrix such as Alloderm or cartilage can be used to give additional projection. This mimics the shape of a nipple and helps create a more natural breast appearance. During your initial consultation with Dr. Kim, she will explain the nipple and areola reconstructive process in more detail. Nipple and areola reconstruction is popular among women who get breast reconstruction because the procedure is also covered by health insurance.

Why Choose Dr. Kim for Your Nipple & Areola Reconstruction

Dr. Kim specializes in all aspects of breast reconstruction, including reconstructing the nipple areolar complex. She works with each woman to help ensure the most comfortable experience possible where each individual’s needs are met with sensitivity. To learn more about nipple and areola reconstruction at SGK Plastic Surgery, contact us online or call our practice in The Woodlands at 281-363-4546 to schedule your consultation.