Revision Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Revision of previous breast reconstruction can be expected for many patients. It is often required to fine-tune your results. It is important to remember that breast reconstruction is a process of building an aesthetically pleasing breast from what mastectomy took away. It is not a quick process. Revisions to the breast reconstruction are often needed to:
  • reduce the breast size
  • to improve breast shape or projection
  • reduce excess tissue
  • revise mastectomy, lumpectomy, or IV port scars
Autologous tissue revisions are generally considered to be one of the most artistically challenging surgeries for breast reconstruction. The patient’s choice of plastic surgeon is an important choice for autologous tissue revision surgeries, and should be decided only after careful research. Choosing a surgeon who has extensive training and experience in multiple reconstruction techniques can help to ensure that your results are aesthetically pleasing and look more natural. Dr. Sugene Kim devotes a large portion of her practice in The Woodlands to breast reconstruction surgery. As co-founder of the Institute of Advanced Breast Reconstruction, she was one of the first plastic surgeons in the Houston and Conroe area to perform the highly advanced DIEP Flap muscle-sparing reconstruction techniques in the community hospital setting. As Dr. Kim also performs many cosmetic breast enhancement procedures, she has a highly-developed sense of aesthetics of the female breast in addition to considerable skill in reconstructive surgery. With any revision, a proven and experienced plastic surgeon can often turn a mediocre breast reconstruction into an excellent restoration. Revision surgery for breast reconstruction can take place many months or even years after your original procedure. The optimal time for revision depends on your individual needs, which Dr. Kim can determine during a consultation. Contact us or call us at 281.363.4546 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim.