Breast Augmentation Surgery

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For women seeking to enhance their appearance through breast augmentation, plastic surgeon Dr. Sugene Kim offers many cosmetic and reconstructive breast enhancement options to her patients in The Woodlands, Katy, Conroe, Spring and surrounding areas.

Breast augmentation utilizes saline or silicone breast implants to add volume and shape to the breasts, giving women the opportunity to add balance and proportion to their bodies, regain lost breast volume, achieve a fuller appearance in naturally small breasts, or correct problems of breast asymmetry.

Who Should Consider Breast Augmentation?

Women unhappy with their breast size, for whatever reason, are encouraged to explore what augmentation can do for their figure, proportion, and self-confidence. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed, enhancing the figures of women of various ages, backgrounds, and body types. Some women who are considering breast augmentation surgery also consider breast lift surgery.


Video: How to Choose Breast Implant Size

Dr. Sugene Kim discusses how she helps patients decide on the right breast implant size for them.



Breast Augmentation Surgery Techniques

breast augmentation incision diagramThere are many ways to perform breast augmentation these days, so women interested in the procedure should become educated about the options that exist.

Before breast augmentation, you’ll want to ask questions such as the following:

  • Should I choose saline breast implants or silicone breast implants?
  • Given my body proportions, what breast size would be ideal for me?
  • Do I need breast implants placed above or below the chest muscles?
  • Which breast augmentation incision technique would produce the best results?

Questions such as these can be addressed during a consultation with Dr. Kim. Together, you can go over the cost of breast augmentation, the advantages of each implant type, the best size, and other topics regarding specialized surgery techniques.

Why You Should Choose Katy Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sugene Kim for Your Breast Augmentation

Dr. Kim is a dedicated, board-certified plastic surgeon who listens carefully to patient expectations, balancing the elements of implant size, type, and placement with a patient’s natural body form.

Dr. Kim strives to create beautifully-proportioned, natural looking results with breast augmentation and other plastic surgery procedures. Offering a one-on-one consultations, Dr. Kim can determine if you’re a candidate and create an optimal surgical plan to meet your goals for breast enhancement.

Want to know what you might look like after breast augmentation?

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