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Aesthetician and Laser Technician (full-time)

Nurse Injector – NP or PA (full or part-time)

Surgical RN (full or part-time)

Aesthetician and Laser Technician

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At SGK Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, we excel at providing an unparalleled patient experience and exceptional aesthetic result. Our aesthetician and laser technician is responsible for the successful delivery of elective skincare services and educating patients on treatment plans and products.


  • Consult with patients regarding skincare services; educate patients on treatment options
  • Create and successfully execute a treatment plan
  • Educate patients on proper pre- and post-care instructions and follow up with each patient after treatment
  • Create a skincare regimen tailored to the patient’s skin concern and skin type
  • Facilitate consultations with injectors or surgical team
  • Process a wide-ranging knowledge of skincare treatments, elective services, and products
  • Accurately document treatments in EMR
  • Track patient progress by taking pre- and post-treatment photos
  • Prep patients for procedures by cleansing and numbing the treatment area
  • Monitor equipment to ensure proper operation and maintains all equipment in accordance with manufacturer guidelines
  • Maintains treatment rooms and work areas in compliance with OSHA standards
  • Participates and attends in-service educational programs and staff meetings
  • Maintains inventory and supply levels
  • Track goals and send the report monthly to Practice Administrator
  • Research new modalities to add to the practice
  • Collaborate with social media coordinator to create content to boost digital exposure
  • All other duties as assigned


  • Licensed in the state of Texas
  • Must adhere to local and state licensing laws
  • Ability to complete detailed paperwork
  • Ability to meet U.S. employment and eligibility requirements


  • Aesthetician License (Required)
  • Laser Technician Certification (Required)

Nurse Injector

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Responsible for providing elective care for cosmetic complaints that can be reasonably treated with injection procedures. Duties include taking medical histories, performing examinations, and developing a treatment plan within their scope of practice for cosmetic patients and treatment administration as directed by their supervising physician.


  • Provides direct patient care as a representative of the physician, treating the patient in a style and manner developed and directed by the supervising physician and consistent with authorized practice as defined by state law.
  • Consults with patients and makes recommendations for injectors who are not mid-level providers
  • Educates patients on all applicable non-invasive treatment options, ensuring a firm understanding of each procedure prior to treatment.
  • Obtains consent, takes photos, and numbs patients prior to treatment
  • Dictates consultation letters to the patient.
  • Responsible for the coordination of retention correspondence to patients regarding their follow-up treatment plan.
  • Maintains the patient’s medical records detailing all treatment procedures, medication history, and educational materials distributed.
  • Review with the supervising physician all delegated patient services on a regular basis, as well as mutually agreed guidelines for the practice.
  • Clarifies and familiarizes all issues related to supervision methods and style of delegating patient care with the supervising physician.
  • Maintains treatment rooms and work areas in compliance with OSHA standards.
  • Maintains inventory-tracking system for all injectable products. Orders and stocks inventory and supplies as needed.
  • Coordinates with the marketing department to create engaging content for digital marketing campaign in efforts to grow practice exposure.
  • Stay up to date with new modalities and injection techniques.
  • Participate in continuing education in the cosmetic injectables space.
  • Other duties as assigned

Education and Experience

  • Graduate of accredited nursing program with current state license.

Surgical Nurse

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At SGK Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, we excel at providing an unparalleled patient experience and exceptional aesthetic result. Our registered nurses are responsible for providing safe and high quality care for patients receiving treatment in our AAAASF certified surgery center under the supervision of the Medical Director. The Registered Nurse is responsible for assessing, planning, implementing and coordinating patient care from pre-operative to post-operative function, in accordance with established federal, state and accreditation standards and facility policies and procedures.

Education and Experience

  1. Registered nurses approved and employed by the medical staff must have, on file, their license to practice in the state of Texas.
  2. Maintain re-licensure requirements.
  3. Operating room experience with at least one-year expertise in a surgical specialty or related field is preferred.
  4. Knowledge of supervision and management.
  5. Stable, mature, and dependable.


  • Provides patient and family teaching regarding upcoming surgery.
  • Completes patient health questionnaire and obtain medical clearance from patient’s family physician if patient has an active medical problem.
  • Orders appropriate lab work and EKG and acts on abnormal results.
  • Identifies patient and assess patient’s chart for completeness and establish basic interventions for patient care:
    • Review patient history.
    • Records base line.
    • Assess patient’s physical status.
    • Check medications ordered, administered, and effects noted.
    • Informs surgeon or anesthesiologist of change in patient status.
  • Review pre-operative teaching regarding events to take place in recovery room and operating room
  • Provide emotional support for patient pre- and post-operatively.
  • Assist patient to operative suite.
  • Complete operative records.
  • Assist in escorting patient from operative suite to recovery room while assessing the post-operative status.
  • Initiate appropriate monitoring utilizing any necessary equipment: 02, suction, possible EKG, and blood pressure cuff.
  • Receive report from OR staff and documents care given.
  • Checks patient for level of consciousness, blood pressure, pulse and respiration every 15 minutes or as frequently as indicated by patient’s condition.
  • Checks dressing every five minutes. Alerts surgeon if bleeding is present. Notes patient’s skin color, skin temperature, and IV state.
  • DC IV or heparin lock after patient demonstrates ability to take and retain food and/or fluids.
  • Writes legible notes, which reflect care that is pertinent and concise to the patient’s status.
  • Makes an entry of any untoward events during nursing care and reports them to the physician in charge.
  • Records accurately affect intervention and patient’s response.
  • Involves patient and family members in pre-op and post-op teaching and planning.
  • Assist in discharge of the patient.
  • Makes post-operative visits and/or phone calls on all patients, and documents findings in the surgical/anesthesia log book.
  • Cleans and stores non-disposable supplies and equipment:
    • Equipment is damp dusted with phenolic after use.
    • All equipment is damp dusted with phenolic or sterilized at the end of the day.
  • Review all policies and procedures on a yearly basis.
  • Attend update and continuing education courses relevant to specialty field.
  • Provide a safe environment for treating surgical patients to prevent cross-infection.
  • Obtain current basic CPR card and maintain ongoing in-service in basic cardiac and respiratory emergencies.
  • Assist in cleaning and terminalization of pre-/post-op room, supplies, and equipment.
  • Participate in on-going quality assurance programs.
  • Write legible notes, which reflect care that is pertinent and concise to the patient’s status.
  • Communicate effectively, maintaining harmonious interpersonal relationships.


  • Active Registered Nurse license in the state of Texas, must be in good standing.
  • Warm and welcoming bedside manner
  • Ability to complete detailed paperwork
  • Exceptional teamwork skills
  • Ability to meet U.S. employment and eligibility requirements


  • BLS Certification (Required)
  • RN (Required)

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