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Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular aesthetic surgery procedures in the nation. But despite this surgery’s established success, some women occasionally require secondary surgery to correct a complication or improve their initial results. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sugene Kim offers breast augmentation revision surgery to patients in The Woodlands and greater Houston, listening carefully to their needs to help them achieve the results they want. Here, learn more about her approach to this unique procedure.

Who Should Consider a Breast Augmentation Revision?

Breast implants don’t last forever. Over time these devices may lose their shape or become damaged. While this isn’t medically harmful, it can change the appearance of your breasts and necessitate revision (secondary) surgery.

In other cases, patients may pursue revision surgery after breast augmentation if they have an aesthetic concern or a complication such as:

  • A damaged breast implant: Trauma to the breast implant can cause it to leak or tear. Women with silicone implants typically notice a change in the appearance of the affected breasts soon after the damage occurs. Additionally, women with silicone implants may experience a “silent” rupture, which means that although the implant is damaged, the woman does not notice symptoms because the filling stays in place after the trauma. Although a rupture is not a medical emergency, most women wish to treat this complication sooner rather than later.
  • Capsular contracture: This complication occurs when an augmented breast creates an excess of scar tissue around the implant, making the breasts hard, firm, or disfigured.
  • Asymmetry: Breasts may appear asymmetrical immediately after surgery or become asymmetrical later. Asymmetry typically happens when an implant is improperly placed during surgery or shifting occurs within the breast capsule after surgery.
  • Other visible deformities: For example, a complication known as “bottoming out” occurs when the implant slides too low and causes excessive volume in the bottom portion of the breast. Another cause for revisionary surgery is symmastia, a condition that occurs when the breast implants are positioned too close together across the midline of the chest, with no space in between.

In other situations, some women elect for revisionary surgery if they want to make changes after their initial breast augmentation. These situations can include:

  • Change of size: Sometimes women decide they want larger or smaller breast implants after their initial breast augmentation and chose to have revisionary surgery to achieve their desired look.
  • Change of implant type: Another common reason women have revisionary surgery is to change their implant type, from saline to silicone, for example.

Breast Revision Techniques

Breast revision surgery follows many of the same steps as primary breast augmentation, although the presence of scar tissue makes this surgery a bit more technically challenging. Dr. Kim performs the surgery while you are under general anesthesia.

During the revisionary procedure, she removes the old implants as well as the breast capsule and replaces them with the new implants you chose during your consultation. Depending on your situation, Dr. Kim may perform a number of techniques to correct your symptoms and create the results you want.

Depending on the nature of your case, she may perform a breast lift at the same time as your revision.

Why Choose Dr. Kim for Your Breast Augmentation Revision

Dr. Kim is a double board-certified plastic surgery who has completed a wealth of training specifically in the art of breast surgery. During your initial consultation, she listens to you attentively, asking relevant questions about your previous surgery as well as your long-term goals. Your satisfaction is paramount to Dr. Kim, and you’ll feel the difference during your very first visit with her.

To learn more about breast augmentation revision at SGK Plastic Surgery, request a consultation using our online form or call our practice in The Woodlands today at (281) 363-4546.

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