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Chin augmentation surgery is performed to add volume to the chin or to resolve the appearance of a receding, small or asymmetrical chin structure. The procedure involves placing a customized chin implant through an incision under the chin or inside the mouth.

Unhappy with your chin? We can help.

Many people find that there is something that they are dissatisfied with when it comes to their chin. Whether the chin is too weak, or the jawline is recessed, or whether it has a displeasing shape, a chin augmentation can alter the appearance of the chin and jawline with attractive and proportionate results that can boost your confidence.

What kind of look can I achieve with a chin augmentation?

Most people that come in for cosmetic chin surgery are looking to add definition to their jawline to add balance to their face or to correct an oddly shaped or uneven chin. This can be achieved through the use of grafts or fillers depending on the extent of change you are looking for.

The look you can achieve is one that is stronger and more defined, and that balances the other features of your face. Some people who consider a nose job because their nose is too big are surprised to find that a simple chin augmentation can bring about enough balance in their face to change how they perceive the size of their nose.

Women tend to prefer a smaller, shapelier chin, where men tend to desire a larger chin and broader jawline. Dr. Kim can help you to create the perfect look for your face and cosmetic goals, without compromising your individual look.

What are some of the benefits of a chin augmentation?

Some of the benefits are:

  • A larger and shapelier chin
  • Boosted confidence
  • Change in the angle of your chin so that it is more pleasing and attractive
  • Providing definition between the face and neck
  • Adding balance to the face

What are some of the options for a chin augmentation?

Firstly, depending on what you would like to have done, you can choose between surgical and non-surgical augmentation. Some people choose to have a non-invasive chin augmentation to get a feel for how a surgical augmentation might look. Non-invasive chin augmentation involves the use of injectable fillers and does not last more than two years.

Surgical chin augmentation can be done using bone grafting or silicone implants. This depends on the extent of alteration that needs to occur, and which options would best suit the patient.

For implants there are two options when it comes to how the implant will be placed:

  • The first is through the mouth: this will leave no visible scarring, but it is more prone to infection as any contact with saliva on the implant could allow bacteria to enter the surgical site.
  • The second is from beneath the chin. This will leave a scar that is minimally visible due to its location and generally has a quicker recovery time and less likelihood of complications.

The surgical procedure is generally completed under anesthesia. All these options can be discussed with Dr. Kim during your consultation to find out which type of chin augmentation procedure would be best for your goals.

What is the recovery period like after a chin augmentation?

Swelling and bruising after a chin augmentation can last around two weeks. This can be eased with cold compresses, drinking plenty of fluids, and going on short walks. Resting with your head elevated will also help to reduce swelling around the chin and face.

The recovery period may vary depending on whether bone grafting or implants were used. The recovery timelines can be discussed with you prior to surgery, so you can best anticipate what the coming months will look like after surgery. Generally, any strenuous activity or exercise is best to be avoided during the first six weeks after surgery.

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