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Procedures for Men

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is increasing in popularity with men. There are so many cosmetic enhancements available that can help to slow the signs of aging, enhance your look, or create a more sculptured, masculine body.

Dr. Kim treats a range of issues affecting male patients, including smoothing facial lines and wrinkles, removing excess breast tissue, tightening and firming the abdomen while removing sagging skin, and more. The boost in self-confidence can be life-changing, and there are great solutions for every individual’s cosmetic goals.

Which areas are available for treatment at SGK?

Treatment areas and some of the treatments available for men include the following:

  • Eyes: treating wrinkles or performing eyelid surgery
  • Face: performing everything from facelifts and chin augmentation to less invasive treatments such as BOTOX, fillers, and laser
  • Abdomen: customized tummy tuck or liposuction
  • Chest: gynecomastia correction and reduction of breast tissue to create a more masculine chest

Your treatments will always be customized for your individual requirements and cosmetic goals. The best way to see how Dr. Kim can help you to reach those goals is to come in for a consultation with Dr. Kim. During your consultation you can have all your questions answered and any concerns can be addressed.


Eyes can present an array of cosmetic concerns that can often be addressed through conventional cosmetic treatments. The most common treatment is BOTOX for crow’s feet and brow creases, helping to rejuvenate the eyes and slow the process of aging in the skin around the eyes. Another common treatment would be blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, that can correct over-drooping or heavy eyelids, allowing a person to see better and to have less strain on the muscles around the eyelids.


Treatments for the face can be broken into two groups, invasive and non-invasive. The type of treatment that is best for you depends on the amount and type of change that you wish to see.

Non-invasive treatments are expanded upon later and include BOTOX, fillers, and laser treatments.

Surgical or invasive procedures for the face include:

  • A full facelift or mini lift, to lift sagging cheeks and jowls and to tighten any loose skin below the neck
  • Chin augmentation to create a more masculine chin and jawline


Liposuction can be performed on most areas of the body where you are having trouble with stubborn fat. Getting liposuction can help motivate you towards your weight-loss and fitness goals. Liposuction is primarily performed on the abdomen but can also be performed on the arms, neck, face and back.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can help when you have lost a lot of weight and are left with excess skin or stretched muscles. A tummy tuck can remove the excess skin, along with some of the stretch marks, to help give you your figure back and make getting fit easier. Stretched abdominal muscles can also be corrected and tightened to create a slimmer abdomen. A tummy tuck for men can help you get beach ready and will help you to feel confident no matter what you’re wearing.


Gynecomastia can be seen in varying degrees in the male population. It is the overgrowth of breast tissue in the male chest. Many men feel that this detracts from their appearance or is a source of embarrassment. Dr. Kim specializes in breast surgery and can enhance your chest so that it appears more defined and masculine.


BOTOX is one of the most sought after cosmetic treatments available, with many people choosing to start BOTOX even before the first signs of wrinkles in an effort to slow the aging process. BOTOX can help to smooth out lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows, or the wrinkles at the corners of the eyes. BOTOX is also an excellent choice in most cases for lines that are forming around the nose and mouth. Using BOTOX causes the muscles under the skin to relax, which then leads to a softened appearance on the surface, and a reduction in wrinkle formation.


Fillers are typically used on the face to target hollow areas in the cheeks, thin lips, or enhance chin size and shape. Fillers injected into the chin structure can be an excellent alternative for someone who is considering a chin augmentation has not yet decided to undergo invasive surgery. There are many different types of fillers, each of which was developed to treat specific facial areas. A consultation will help you to determine which fillers are best for your cosmetic goals.

Laser treatments

Laser treatments can target a wide variety of cosmetic conditions, from sun damage to scars and spider veins. Laser treatments can help to rejuvenate your complexion, or they can help to fade old scars. There are also laser hair removal treatments.

At SGK we offer our male patients many options. Our goal is to help you achieve your cosmetic goals and to give you more confidence in your appearance.

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