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What is implant removal? Breast implant removal is the surgical procedure to remove breast implants. The procedure can restore a woman’s natural breast size, or correct a complication such as asymmetry, malpositioned implants, rippling, or capsular contracture.

Why undergo breast implant removal?

Many women with implants choose to have the implants removed, for personal or medical reasons. The types of issues that most often arise, leading to the desire to have implants removed include:

  • A desire to return to natural breast size
  • To remove ruptured or leaking implants
  • For personal health reasons
  • To resolve excessive scar tissue (capsular contracture)
  • The wish to experience more comfort exercising

What is the breast implant removal process?

To remove breast implants, in most cases, the incisions are placed in the same location as the incisions from your augmentation, most frequently an “inframammary” incision, or in the crease below the breast. Through these incisions, the implants are carefully removed. In the case of rupture, any silicone material left in the surgical pocket is also carefully removed. The surgery requires great care to ensure that the implant is left intact when it is removed. During the procedure, you will be under general anesthesia.

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What is the recovery time after breast implant removal?

Initially, you will awaken from surgery with your breasts bandaged, and may have surgical drains to remove any excess fluid, which are removed within a few days. You will have medication to keep you comfortable in the first few days and to ward off any infection. You will want to simply rest and recover, while taking care to avoid putting any stress on the incisions so they heal nicely.

You will be provided with full aftercare instructions and will have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Kim within one week after surgery to ensure all is proceeding as it should. Your recovery will require several weeks to complete, but you may feel well enough to return to work after about three to five days.

What is the cost of breast implant removal?

Breast implant removal surgery can cost $8,000 or more, depending on various factors such as the type of implants, location, and surgeon's fees. Additional costs may include anesthesia, hospital fees, and post-operative care.

Why have implant removal from Dr. Kim in The Woodlands?

While all plastic surgeons have undergone an extensive education to achieve board-certification, they vary in natural talent, surgical techniques, and the care with which the procedure is performed. While under the care of Dr. Kim, you can be confident that you are being treated by a talented plastic surgeon who deeply cares about ensuring her patients have an excellent surgical outcome and have a positive patient experience.

Implant Removal FAQ's

How will my breasts look after implant removal?

Most women choose to have the breast tissue reshaped after implant removal, as the stretched skin may give the natural breasts a deflated appearance. The remaining tissue is reshaped, and excess skin removed to create a nice, rounded breast mound.

Some women choose a full breast lift during the procedure if the passage of time and the force of gravity have left the breasts sitting lower on the chest. If you do not choose to reshape tissue and remove excess skin, your breasts may be left looking less aesthetic, with excess skin that once covered the implant.

Is breast implant illness a real disease?

While breast implant illness is a term used for various symptoms, each person who suffers some type of physical ailment has a unique situation. It is believed that some of the symptoms associated with BII are related to infection. Many women have concerns about BII due to current symptoms, or the fear that these will develop.

That being said, recent research has established that women with textured implants are at higher risk of developing a rare form of cancer, called anaplastic large cell lymphoma. The FDA has updated a warning about this risk. If you have textured implants and have a concern, Dr. Kim can assist you with breast implant removal.

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