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Gynecomastia is the medical term for a condition in which a male person has an excess of breast tissue. This condition can be surgically treated to remove the excess fat and glandular tissue, often called male breast reduction in The Woodlands.

Men with larger breasts – it can be embarrassing.

Many men of all ages struggle with an excess of breast tissue, or gynecomastia. While gynecomastia isn’t dangerous, it can be a source of great self-consciousness. Many factors can contribute to this condition – it isn’t limited to men who are overweight. Male breast reduction here in The Woodlands with Dr. Sugene Kim is an effective treatment option that offers men from Spring, Conroe, and the greater Houston area lasting confidence and peace of mind.

Are you a candidate for male breast reduction?

Our Spring, TX male breast reduction surgery is a relatively straightforward procedure. If you’re bothered by the presence of feminine-looking breasts that do not involve an underlying medical condition, you are probably an appropriate candidate for male breast reduction surgery. Good candidates for this customized, elective surgery include men who don’t smoke and who are in generally good health.

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What causes gynecomastia?

Men who have an excess of breast tissue may have developed the condition as a result of various issues, which include:

  • Hormonal imbalance: An excess of estrogen in the body.
  • Certain medications: many medications can cause gynecomastia, including steroids, anti-anxiety meds, antidepressants, antibiotics, chemo drugs, heart medications, and others.
  • Recreational drugs, alcohol: An excess of male breast tissue can develop as the result of the use of recreational drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamines, heroin and others, along with alcohol consumption.
  • Herbal remedies: Many herbal products have been linked to gynecomastia, including tea tree oil and lavender.
  • Health conditions: Several health conditions can lead to gynecomastia, including aging, hyperthyroidism, kidney or liver failure, or cirrhosis. Any health condition must be treated prior to male breast reduction in The Woodlands.
  • Heredity: You may be genetically-programmed to have more breast tissue.
  • Overweight: Many men develop an excess of breast tissue when they gain weight.
  • Aging: Your body may be programmed to store fat on the breasts as you age.

Dr. Kim’s surgical techniques for male breast reduction

When Dr. Kim performs surgery to treat gynecomastia, she doesn’t just reduce breast tissue; she uses meticulous techniques to tighten skin and even reduce the size of or reposition the nipples. The result is sculpted, attractive, precisely tailored to your body. Male breast reduction is typically less involved than breast reduction for female patients.

Double board-certified plastic surgeon for male breast reduction in The Woodlands

Many patients consult with Dr. Kim based on her credentials, but they return for her sensitivity, warmth, and dedication to superior care throughout every step of the process. Get to know her better and start planning to achieve a firmer, more masculine chest that appears sculpted.

Male Breast Reduction The Woodlands

What is the cost of male breast reduction?

Male breast reduction surgery, also known as gynecomastia surgery, can cost $9,000 or more, depending on factors such as the extent of tissue removal and the surgeon's fees. Additional costs may include anesthesia, hospital fees, and post-operative care.

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What will my surgery entail?

Depending on the significance of your condition and the results you’d like to achieve, Dr. Kim may perform simple liposuction of the fat on your chest, or she may need to excise breast and glandular tissue with or without removing skin.

In either case, she uses small, carefully placed incisions that eventually fade to discreet scars. Often, these incisions are made around the edge of your areola, ensuring that the resulting scars are barely noticeable in the color border.

During your consultation with Dr. Kim, she walks you through each step of her surgical plan, ensuring you know exactly what to expect from your results and your recovery.

How long is the recovery from male breast reduction surgery?

While experiences vary, male breast reduction patients typically return to work within 1 week. However, it’s important to take several additional weeks away from strenuous activity, especially that which uses your upper body.

Why choose Dr. Kim for your male breast reduction?

Dr. Kim is your partner in aesthetics for men. She’s one of Texas’s top plastic surgeons, and her understanding of the human body, including the male body, ensures the results of male breast reduction surgery look natural, and make the most of your natural contours. Sensitive and warm, her unique blend of expertise and bedside manner make her a favorite among her male patients.

Gynecomastia FAQ's

How long does male breast reduction surgery take?

The surgery will take about two to three hours. If only liposuction is required, the procedure time may be shorter. Every surgery for male breast reduction is a customized procedure, and some are longer due to the need to reduce nipple size or move structure to create a fit, firm, masculine chest.

If I gain weight, will the problem return?

If your condition was the result of an excess of glandular tissue, no. If it was related to fat, some of it may return, but the fat that was removed in your procedure cannot return.

What type of anesthesia is required?

For gynecomastia procedures, Dr. Kim prefers to use general anesthesia.

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