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In the event of a breast cancer diagnosis or a benign breast tumor, it is not always necessary to remove the whole breast with a mastectomy. A lumpectomy or other oncoplastic procedure seeks to remove a tumor in the breast while preserving as much natural breast tissue as possible. Lumpectomy reconstruction can restore a more natural appearance to the breast after a lumpectomy or oncoplastic surgery.

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Dr. Sugene Kim is known as one of the top female reconstructive surgeons in the Houston Area. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, she specializes in breast reconstructive surgery, including lumpectomy reconstruction and oncoplasty. SGK Plastic Surgery has helped clients from not only the Spring, The Woodlands, and Conroe area but also throughout the country achieve a greater sense of confidence with reconstructive, cosmetic and non-surgical procedures.

Who Should Consider Lumpectomy Reconstruction?

Women who have been diagnosed with cancer of the breast or a malignant breast tumor may be good candidates for a lumpectomy or oncoplastic procedure. Because your health is of top priority, Dr. Kim will work closely with you and your oncologist to determine whether lumpectomy reconstruction may be a good option for you or if implant breast reconstruction or flap-based reconstruction following a mastectomy would better address the affected tissue.

Lumpectomy Reconstruction Techniques

A lumpectomy involves a wide local excision that removes the area of breast cancer and a surrounding area of healthy tissue. A lumpectomy reconstruction can restore a more normal shape to the breast after the removal of a breast tumor. This procedure can be performed before or after radiation treatment.

Oncoplastic procedures are relatively new surgical options for breast cancer patients. Working with your oncologist and breast surgeon, Dr. Kim can combine removal of the cancerous tumor with a breast reduction or she can rearrange local tissue to mimic your original breast shape all in one surgical procedure.

Why Choose Dr. Kim for Your Lumpectomy Reconstruction

As a breast reconstruction specialist, Dr. Kim works with many different breast surgeons when she performs breast restoration. Lumpectomy reconstruction often takes place immediately following lumpectomy all in one surgery to help make the experience as comfortable as possible for women who have had a cancer or tumor diagnosis.

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Lumpectomy Breast Reconstruction in The Woodlands, TX

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