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Our Website Privacy Policy

SGK Plastic Surgery understands the importance of protecting patrons’ information when they visit our website. We have outlined here exactly how we protect the personal information collected during a visit to our website. The statements made here may be updated from time to time as we introduce new programs, services, and processes.

At SGK Plastic Surgery, we don’t collect any personal information, including email addresses, without asking first. When needed, we will request certain information, such as a street address or phone number, to further facilitate our connection with the patron and make their visit to our website more beneficial for them. When patrons provide this information, they do so completely of their own free will, and we assume that they understand the details of our privacy policy.

SGK Plastic Surgery does not use, collect, or disclose any personal patient information in a way that could compromise their privacy. Visitors to our website should never provide any personal information that is not expressly requested by our forms. If any personal information is ever found in our system, we will dispose of it immediately.

We only authorize visitors who are 18 years of age or older to use our website and make contact with us. We do not intentionally or knowingly store any personal information from persons under 18 years of age.

The Information We Collect

Those who voluntarily share information with us do so with the implied consent for the collection and use of their data by SGK Plastic Surgery. We will never sell the personal data we collect from visitors to this website to anyone.

On this website, there are options to register or purchase products. Some personal information may be collected during the transaction process. This personal information will be shared with third-party institutions in order to facilitate services like credit card authorization. Visitors who provide this information give SGK Plastic Surgery permission to pass this data along to those third-party services. Providing this information also means that the visitor cannot hold SGK responsible for any future occurrences involving those third-party companies.

There are also instances where SGK Plastic Surgery will collect non-personal information from one’s browser when a page view is requested from the server. Some of this information may include browser time, IP address, and access times. This information is used to support website operations and assess traffic patterns for the website.

Some of the statistics collected and used by SGK Plastic Surgery may include volume, traffic patterns, referral sources, login activity, and other information related to our website and its operations. While this information may be shared with third-party companies, it will never include any data that can be personally linked to the individual it was collected from.

There are certain cases in which SGK Plastic Surgery may be required to disclose information, such as:

  • To abide by legal requirements
  • To defend or protect our property and rights
  • To properly implement our Terms and Conditions of Use
  • To protect the interests of our users

In some cases, SGK Plastic Surgery may be obligated by law to disclose personal information to the government or another body. Such information will only be disclosed if the proper court order is provided, in cases where there is an ongoing investigation and SGK Plastic Surgery is required to cooperate.

SGK Plastic Surgery reserves the right to inform law enforcement agencies of any conduct that could be deemed illegal. We also reserve the right to send emails regarding the services we provide to the email addresses provided to us through our forums. We also provide instructions that clearly explain how users can remove themselves from these mailing lists.

Use of Cookies

SGK Plastic Surgery may use Internet technology known as “cookies” in order to identify a user’s device and suggest website features that are most compatible with said device. Cookies also let us know if the user has visited our website in the past. That said, they don’t provide us with the user’s email address or any other information from their computer.

Our website may use memory-based cookies in order to grant access to certain features. Ultimately, visitors to our website are in control of the cookie settings on their browsers. Browsers that are set up to reject cookies may not be able to access certain features of our website.

SGK Plastic Surgery reserves the right to utilize analytics technology such as Google Analytics. Of course, users have the right to opt out of such settings on their browsers.

SGK Plastic Surgery may utilize Remarketing with Google Analytics for online advertising. Beyond that, third-party companies may display ads for our practice on other websites. Both SGK Plastic Surgery and third-party entities may use first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and other third-party cookies (including the DoubleClick cookie) in order to provide ads that are more relevant to the user.

SGK Plastic Surgery and third-party entities may also use cookies in order to assess ad impressions in relation to our website visits. SGK Plastic Surgery may also utilize data from Google’s Interest-based advertisements, such as the user’s age, gender, or personal interests. These data are combined with Google Analytics to generate profiles of website visitors and predict how they may use the website. This information can be used to improve website content and website design, in order to ensure optimal marketing possibilities (and that users see the services they are most interested in).

SGK Plastic Surgery may also employ the Facebook.com “conversion tracking pixel” to assess the efficacy of Facebook ads in relation to marketing capabilities. This utility enables us to analyze users’ actions after they are redirected to a third-party website. None of the data collected with this tool includes any personal information. That said, Facebook may utilize this information in accordance with their data policy to select and show advertisements on their website and other places that are catered toward the user. Cookies may also be used to facilitate ad displays both by Facebook and other entities.

SGK Plastic Surgery may also use Twitter.com products to collect data on user experiences. These products are designed only to analyze the user’s actions that are carried out on the website itself. Twitter’s Privacy Policy has more information on this feature.

Links to Additional Websites

he SGK Plastic Surgery website features links to other websites. While we do our best to only affiliate ourselves with companies who have the same respect for privacy that we do, we are not responsible for any security concerns that may arise with these auxiliary companies. Users who have any questions about the aforementioned policies or statements can reach us at 281-315-3188.

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