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Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is the reconstructive or cosmetic enhancement of the outer ear. This is primarily concerned with the pinna, or the visible and external part of the ear. The ear structure is surgically altered to create ears that lie flatter against the head or are reshaped to address an aesthetic flaw.

Unhappy with your ears? We can help.

The most common cosmetic complaint with ears is that they are too large and stick out to the sides of the face. This can be easily corrected, and such things as pinning the ears back can be performed on children, which could greatly reduce any stress from bullying and boost their self-confidence.

The benefits of ear surgery

Ear surgery on the external ear is a common procedure. Benefits are of ear surgery:

  • Ears that stick out can be altered to align with the sides of the face
  • Overly large ears can be reduced in size to appear more in proportion with the face
  • Surgery is safe for children who are over five years old that are in good health
  • Correction of previous ear surgeries is possible to enhance any aspects that you still are dissatisfied with
  • Oddly shaped ears or ear lobes can be corrected
  • Holes or tears from gauges or earrings can be fixed
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence can be significantly boosted
  • Surgery is simple, and recovery is fast

The ear surgery procedure

Ear surgery is a simple surgical procedure when the goal is reducing the size of the ears or pinning them. Pinning the ears involves a small incision behind the ears and moving them into a position that is closer to being in line with the side of the head. They are held in place with non-removable sutures to provide support for their new position.

Other alterations or corrections of the ear will vary depending on exactly what needs to be performed by the surgeon. The best anesthetic option will be discussed with you prior to surgery, depending on the extent of the surgical procedure being performed.

Ear Surgery in The Woodlands, TX

What should I expect during the recovery period?

Expect to be wearing soft bandages or dressings around the ears for the first few days. It is also recommended that you sleep or rest on your back to keep pressure off your ears. A supportive headband may also be suggested if you’ve had your ears pinned. This will hold them in place as they heal and reduce the likelihood of injury to the ears as they heal.

After about four weeks, your ears should be recovered, although the healing will continue for a while longer as the ears settle into their new placement. At this point they will be formed into their new shape and look, bringing a lot of confidence from a small change.

Are there any risks associated with ear surgery?

There are such risks as bleeding and infection, as well as over-correction. These can lead to the necessity for further care and recovery time as well as the potential need for more corrective surgery. Such things as uneven results, or ears that are pinned too far back or other potential undesired outcomes can occur. These risks can be minimized by having your ear surgery performed our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kim.

Why should I choose Dr. Kim for my ear surgery?

Dr. Kim is a double board-certified plastic surgeon that has based her practice around the care of her patients. Dr. Kim enjoys having the ability to help people with many of their cosmetic or reconstructive goals and works closely with her patients in order to realistically achieve those goals.

Dr. Kim and her team are expert at providing quality care and making sure that every step of your procedure is simple and standard.

Sugene Kim, MD

Plastic Surgeon

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