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3 Signs You’re a Good Candidate for ThermiVa®

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Although you may not talk about it with your friends and family, unhappiness with the vaginal area is pretty common amongst women, whether due to aging or childbirth. ThermiVa® is a non-surgical procedure that can remedy many of the issues regularly reported by women, including vaginal dryness, a lack of sexual sensation, stress incontinence and changes in the external appearance. If you’ve been considering vaginal rejuvenation, there are a few signs that indicate whether ThermiVa® could be the answer.

1. You’d Prefer to Avoid Surgery

ThermiVa® vaginal rejuvenation offers a non-surgical route to regaining your body confidence and getting back to the real you. As the treatment can tackle several common problems women wish to work on and doesn’t involve surgery, it’s a quick and relatively pain-free experience. You can also expect very minimal recovery time.

2. You’d Like to Undo Some Changes to Your Body

We all change as we get older, much as we may not like to. There’s no reason why you need to simply sit back and accept these changes, as ThermiVa® vaginal rejuvenation means you can improve aesthetics and functionality without taking drastic measures.

   All it takes is a few 15-minute sessions over a period of a few months and you could be well on the way to getting your body back.

3. You’re in Good Health

As ThermiVa® is a non-surgical procedure, you may be a good candidate providing you are generally in good health and are not pregnant, or trying to become pregnant. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will discuss your individual requirements and suitability during a consultation meeting and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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