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Eyelid Lift – Houston Blepharoplasty

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Our eyes often communicate more to others than the words we say. Our eyes can say, “I love you,” “How dare you forget to take out the trash,” “I’m scared,” and so much more. As we age, however, our eyes begin to communicate things we don’t always want them to say. The sagging skin and extra wrinkles seem to be telling everyone, “I haven’t slept in days,” or “I’m upset.”

It is the natural coarse of life and gravity to begin to pull us down , but now we have options to lift us up again. You don’t have to let your sagging eyes tell a story you don’t want it to tell. You can lift those drooping eyelids and be brought back to a more youthful expression that better represents the story of how you truly feel inside.

To see the change a Blepharoplasty can give to you, check out our Before and After Photo Gallery!

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