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How Young Is Too Young for Botox?

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Botox age limitsBotox is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the country. Last year, more than 6.5 million people had Botox injections, according to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Curious candidates often have many questions about its proper use. In this post, Dr. Sugene Kim of SGK Plastic Surgery clears up the common question of age limits for Botox.

Cosmetic Uses

According to the manufacturer Allergan, Botox is FDA-approved for cosmetic use in adults over 18 years old. However, most plastic surgeons won’t administer Botox treatment to 18 year olds.

Here’s why: Botox is specifically formulated to treat dynamic wrinkles, which appear due to repeated facial expressions such as frowning, furrowing the brows and squinting. Botox temporarily paralyzes specific facial muscles that contract to form these expressions; the result is that the overlying wrinkle looks smoother and less noticeable. Dynamic wrinkles don’t typically appear in teenagers or 20-somethings; they generally start to crop up in a person’s 30s (or, in some people, their late 20s), at which point treatment becomes a more acceptable option.

However, there are rare exceptions. If you are in your early to mid-20s and already have deep wrinkles around your forehead or eyebrows, Dr. Kim can meet with you for a personal consultation and discuss whether Botox can help.

Medical Uses

It is much more common for Botox to be used therapeutically in those 18 and under. Probably the most well-known medical use for Botox is treatment of hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. Botox is approved for hyperhidrosis treatment in people 18 years and older. Another common medical use of Botox is the treatment of eyelid spasms and strabismus (an eye muscle disorder); the product is approved for those treatment uses in people 12 years and older. Botox may also be used to treat chronic migraine in people 18 years old or older.

More about Botox Treatment

Botox treatment is safe, quick and conveniently performed in Dr. Kim’s office. Small amounts of Botox will be injected into the desired area through a fine needle. The number of injections and amount of product will depend on the severity of the wrinkles. Treatment generally takes 10 to 20 minutes to administer, and it is not painful.

Results appear within a few days of treatment, and last four to six months. Repeat treatment is recommended to maintain the effects.

Contact Dr. Sugene Kim

To learn more about Botox and its proper cosmetic and therapeutic uses, please contact SGK Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim. Call (281) 363-4546 today to make your appointment.


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