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What You Should Know About Wrinkles

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Woman wondering how to prevent wrinklesNo one wants to develop wrinkles, but do you know what you can do to help prevent them? If you are shaking your head “no,” you are in luck. Facial rejuvenation surgeon Dr. Sugene Kim shares the following important information about wrinkles, including ways to help you stave them off.

Not all wrinkles are created equally. There are actually two types of wrinkles: dynamic (active) and static. Dynamic wrinkles ultimately develop due to constant muscle movement over time, such as the ones that develop across the forehead due to furrowing the brow repeatedly over many years. Static wrinkles also take a while to develop, but these occur due to the aging process, hereditary factors, lifestyle habits and environmental agents.

The sun plays a major role in the development of wrinkles. Sun damage is one of the most common causes of visible signs of aging, including wrinkles. Not only can overexposure to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet, or UV, rays cause wrinkles, it can also cause hyperpigmentation (dark spots on the skin) and skin cancer. That is why you should apply sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day, rain or shine. It is a simple way to help safeguard your skin against wrinkles and other signs of sun damage.

Smoking can also lead to wrinkles. If you need yet another reason to quit smoking, here it is: Smoking hinders sound blood circulation, which deprives skin cells of life-giving oxygen. Smoking also jeopardizes the skin’s elasticity and overall health, because the chemicals in cigarettes damage essential proteins that are crucial for healthy, elastic skin. Also, the repeated motion of pursing your lips around a cigarette can cause dynamic wrinkles to develop around the mouth. Remember, it is never too late to quit smoking — your skin will thank you.

A healthy lifestyle can help ward off wrinkles. Managing stress is helpful in the fight against wrinkles. When you suffer from chronic stress, you are most likely grimacing, frowning or furrowing your brow repeatedly, all actions that can lead to the development of dynamic wrinkles.

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is another great way to help ward off wrinkles. Consuming excessive amounts of sugar can cause glycatin, a physiological event during which protein fibers (including the ones that are essential for healthy, elastic skin) harden. Aside from avoiding sugar, you should also eat foods packed with antioxidants and vitamins E and C to help improve your skin’s texture.

If you are starting to notice wrinkles developing around your eyes, on your forehead or around your mouth, contact Dr. Kim. She offers several cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical treatment options to help you improve the look of the wrinkles you already have, as well as delay the onset of future wrinkles.

To schedule a consultation with the Woodlands / Katy plastic surgeon Dr. Kim to learn more about your facial rejuvenation options, please contact SGK Plastic Surgery by calling (281) 363-4546 today.

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