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3 Good Reasons to Treat Yourself to BOTOX® Cosmetic

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Smooth skin is always “in”—especially on your face. BOTOX helps my patients in The Woodlands make amazing first impressions with smooth, line-free foreheads and eyes that look completely natural. If you haven’t yet tried BOTOX, any time is a good time. Looking for an excuse? Here are my 3 favorite things about this wonder drug.

#1 Look Your Best Now … and Later

BOTOX Cosmetic creates long-lasting results, meaning your appointment tomorrow can keep you looking smooth and refreshed for several months. BOTOX works by slowing down muscle activity that causes certain types of wrinkles—usually the lines and crinkles that form on your forehead and around your eyes when you move your face. These types of “dynamic” wrinkles can create a prematurely aged appearance since they’re typically associated with movement and sun exposure, not volume loss.

BOTOX is popular with patients of all ages. I often see people in their 20s and 30s who use BOTOX to tame minor lines or as a preventive measure against future wrinkles. BOTOX is an injectable product, which means it can be easily administered in a quick office visit. There’s no need to take time off from work to recover, and there’s no medical reason to avoid any of your normal activities after your treatment. Over a couple of weeks, the active ingredient takes effect and your results become more noticeable.

#2 It’s Safe

The active ingredient in BOTOX has been a fixture in the medical community for years. It was originally used for treating conditions caused by overactive muscles, such as certain types of spasms. In the early 2000s, its potential as a cosmetic treatment was discovered, and BOTOX Cosmetic earned FDA approval in 2002. Since then, new uses for the product have been uncovered at an incredible speed. Today, physicians the world over use BOTOX to treat conditions including excessive sweating, TMJ, and even depression. The active ingredient in BOTOX has been thoroughly studied and is understood to be safe, especially when administered by an experienced, trained injector.

#3 It Helps Eliminate Migraines

In addition to the indications I’ve already mentioned, BOTOX can help reduce the occurrence of migraines when administered to the forehead—a nice bonus for patients already undergoing the treatment to reduce forehead lines.

Learn more about selecting a BOTOX injector from our earlier blog post. To get more information or schedule an appointment, please call us at (281) 363-4546 to request a consultation.

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