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3 Tummy Toning Exercises (and What to Do If They Don’t Work)

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Tummy Toning SuccessWe are in the midst of spring, and you probably know what that means: Summer is just around the corner. To help you tone your tummy in time for bathing suit season plastic surgeon Sugene Kim, MD, shares the following three tummy-toning exercises. When combined with a well-balanced diet and routine cardiovascular exercise, these exercises are highly effective at firming up your midsection.

#1 Mountain Climber

Step 1 – Start in a push-up position, maintain a straight line from your feet to the top of your head.

Step 2 – Next, bend your left leg, pulling your knee up toward your chest. Then, re-straighten the same leg, returning your left foot to the ground. You should now be back in your starting push-up position. Repeat the movement with your right leg. Alternate sides, performing as many mountain climbers as you can in one minute.

#2 Leg Lift

Step 1 – Lie on the ground, on your back. With both elbows, prop up the upper half of your body. Put your hands beneath your hips to support your lower back. Next, lift both legs off the ground, bending your right knee, but keeping your left leg extended straight. Your body should be forming a “V” shape.

Step 2 – Keeping your right knee bent, lower both legs down several inches before lifting both of them up again. Do not let your legs touch the ground. Note: The exercise becomes more challenging as you lower your legs closer to the ground. Moving slowly, repeat this motion as many times as you are able to in 30 seconds. Next, straighten your right leg and bend your left knee, and repeat the exercise on the other side.

#3 Hip Lift

Step 1 – Lie on the floor and roll onto your right side. Bend your right (bottom) knee, placing your right foot on the floor behind you. Lean on your right elbow to prop yourself up, making sure your elbow is aligned with your shoulder. Raise your left arm, pointing your hand toward the ceiling (or sky). Then, straighten your left (top) leg, keeping your left foot on the floor to help you balance.

Step 2 – Lift your hips several inches off the floor before lowering them back down, but do not let them touch the floor! Your hips should hover just above the floor before you lift them back up again. Repeating this motion, complete as many lifts and dips as you are able to in 30 seconds. Then, repeat the exercise on your other side.

What to Do If You Still Cannot Tone Your Tummy

Sometimes, stubborn fat deposits, excess skin and greatly weakened stomach muscles do not respond to diet and exercise. If you are exercising frequently and adhering to a healthy diet but still cannot tone your tummy, you might need some help from Dr. Kim. She offers liposuction, tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck in Woodlands / Katy to help patients like you contour their “problem area” in time for summer.

Liposuction is an effective way for individuals with sound skin elasticity and muscle tone to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat from under the skin. Undergoing tummy tuck in Woodlands with Dr. Kim can help those with poor skin elasticity and muscle tone restore the look of a taut tummy. Mini tummy tuck is often an effective option for patients requiring a less extensive treatment area.

Sometimes diet and exercise are just not enough to help you get the figure you deserve. If this is the case, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Kim for help. She can help achieve you a beach-ready body pronto!

To schedule a consultation with the Woodlands / Katy plastic surgeon Dr. Kim to find out which body contouring surgery might be right for you, please contact SGK Plastic Surgery by calling (281) 363-4546 today.


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