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Beauty Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

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Woman wondering about summer beauty tipsMost people enjoy the warmer temperatures during summer. However, it’s hard to look like your usual gorgeous self when the weather starts to turn swelteringly hot, humid and sticky. To help you maintain a beautiful appearance during the warm-weather months — and use that summer glow to your advantage — Katy / Woodlands cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sugene Kim of SGK Plastic Surgery shares some beauty tips to beat the summer heat.

Caring for Your Skin in Summer

If you are fed up with excessively oily skin during the summer months, try switching up your skin care routine. Unless your skin is perpetually dry, you can switch from using a cream-based face wash to a foaming or gel-based formula. The latter types can help soak up surplus oil better than heavy cream washes.

Also, you may want to exfoliate slightly more often during the dog days. This does not mean using harsh peels or scrubbing your face with steel wool every day. That said, if you exfoliate with a gentle formula once a week, you might want to try doing it twice a week during summer. Oilier skin can tolerate additional exfoliation.

Makeup That’s Melt Proof                

It’s obvious that the less makeup you wear, the less chance there is that your powder will clump up or your mascara will start running down your face. Nonetheless, most of us need a bit of makeup to feel confident. You do not have to go to work without wearing any makeup at all, but use less makeup overall while accentuating certain facial features.

Instead of using a heavy foundation, swipe a few thin layers of a lighter base, such as a tinted moisturizer, over your face. You will not use as much product, and the layers will help your base stay in place longer. Another alternative is to apply a self-tanner to your face. After you have built up a healthy (faux) tan with a few applications of the self-tanner, you might actually want to show off your bare face.

Also, use your summer glow to your advantage! Most of us will not achieve a perfectly matte look during the summer, and many men like a subtle flush throughout a woman’s cheeks anyway. Use a bit of highlighter on your cheeks and a pretty cream blush on the apples of your cheeks, and voilà: radiant summer skin.

Finally, accentuate your eyes with false lashes, either entire strips or a few natural-looking single falsies. This way, you can emphasize your eyes without worrying about mascara streaks when you hit the beach or pool.

For More Assistance in the Beauty Department

If you need additional help with your skin care routine or would like to learn how to improve the look of visible sun damage, contact SGK Plastic Surgery for assistance. During a consultation, Dr. Kim can evaluate the health of your skin and make cosmetic treatment or skin care recommendations to help you achieve a flawless look.

To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Kim to find out more about your skin care or cosmetic treatment options, please contact SGK Plastic Surgery by calling (281) 363-4546 today.

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