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Trends in Breast Augmentation Discussed in Study

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Some of the most popular trends in breast augmentations were outlined in a March 2009 study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Using electronic surveys, plastic surgeons from all over the country were asked about breast enhancement procedures they were offering.

Much of the data reflected cosmetic surgery performed in the South and Southwest regions, where 40 percent of the respondents were located. The data was also limited to surgeons belonging to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a relatively small group.

Some of the Q&A is as follows:

How many breast augmentation procedures do you perform each year?

About half of the surgeons said they perform over 50 breast augmentations each year. Almost all of the rest (37 percent) said they perform 20 – 50 each year.

How long does a breast augmentation take to perform?

80 percent of respondents said surgery time was between 45 and 90 minutes long.

What is the most common breast implant placement location?

63 percent of breast implants were placed below the pectoral muscle. This placement was based on appearance first (44 percent) and minimizing capsular contracture second (27 percent).

What’s the most common breast implant size?

81 percent of the respondents in the study reported an average size between 300 and 400 cc.

What’s the most common breast implant type?

Saline breast implants remain the most popular choice, despite a growing acceptance of silicone gel. 65 percent of the surgeons said they use saline in three quarters of the surgeries performed. 23 percent said they use them all of the time.

What is the most common breast augmentation incision site?

The breast crease, i.e. inframmary fold is the most common (64 percent) breast augmentation incision site, with the areola being the second most common.

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