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What Do I Say to My Teen Who Wants Breast Implants?

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Teen breast implants have certainly become more commonplace, but what are the facts? What is an appropriate age to consider implants for your teen? Read on for answers to some advice on how to field those important questions.

Consider the Reasons Carefully

Today more than ever, there’s a lot of pressure to look good and it’s normal for any teen to experience some insecurity.

Make sure your teen’s reasons for wanting plastic surgery are not indicative of deeper issues. If a teen has low self-esteem, it is essential that they learn to develop positive self-image before they are able to competently make decisions about any kind of cosmetic surgery.

Understand Their World

Realize that teens are often struggling to define themselves and to find where they fit in.

Teens constantly experiment with different looks and styles to find the balance between what feels right and what their friends are doing or wearing. You know it’s a bad idea to do something permanent, like getting a tattoo, based on a passing fad. Having a cosmetic procedure at an age where someone is still figuring out who they are is similarly unwise.

Remind Them They’re Still Growing

A very important consideration when it comes to teen breast implants is that many teens are simply not finished growing. Your teen’s breasts, along with the rest of her body, may not reach full maturity until early adulthood.

The general consensus among doctors is that teens under 18 are too young, physically and psychologically, to get breast implants. In fact, the FDA does not allow saline breast implants to be placed in people who are younger than 18 except for reconstructive purposes.

Talk to a board certified plastic surgeon with your teen to address all of your concerns and to determine if and when breast implants might be a good option.


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